Bars in Ann Arbor Michigan

tempWhatever your style of bar Ann Arbor offers a selection of drinking establishments that are unparalleled in the state of Michigan. A unique layout divides the city into a handful of distinct areas that each present you with a different bar experience.

The South University area of Ann Arbor is home to many of the student body's favorite bars, chock full of great drink specials and relaxed atmosphere. Here is where you'll find such campus classics as The Brown Jug and Good Time Charley's.

Moving west towards State Street you'll find the noise levels drop and the selection of bars go up. Geared a bit more for the underclassman who desires a few more choices on the drink menu, this area is directly off the diag, making it the perfect spot for a post-exam brew.

Connecting State and Main is Liberty, which affords a fantastic selection of one of a kind spots that each offer a different experience than the last. Liberty is also a great place to avoid the crowds on State and Main.

Finally, what could be considered Ann Arbor's true "downtown" Main Street runs the gamut of drinking establishments from margaritas to martinis, PBRs to IPAs. There is sure to be something that catches your eye here.

Now all you have to do is decide.